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Pine Street Asset Management

What we do

Pine Street's registered affiliates in Canada and the U.S. bring business discipline to planning and managing the financial intricacies for successful people with significant assets, foundations, endowments and, in many cases, a team of narrowly focused specialist advisors.

Sophisticated investors can select from a broad universe of investment opportunities, picking the right investment can confuse even the most seasoned investor. By combining talent, a deep pool of intellectual capital and a focus on diversified asset allocation that includes Alternative Investments, we deliver a custom tailored client solution.

Our philosophy is capital preservation and wealth creation. This is achieved through understanding your investment objectives and risk tolerance, and designing a customized asset allocation.

Active Asset Allocation

We believe that the asset allocation decision is the most important factor for long-term success and that reducing potential risks takes precedence over managing to a target return.

"Capital Preservation, Wealth Creation" through careful portfolio construction and ongoing monitoring of markets for both risks and opportunities.


Traditional Asset Allocation   A Pine Street Asset Allocation  

Every client's investment needs are unique and, each portfolio is tailored to the individual client. One size does not fit all at Pine Street Asset Management.

Pine Street's registered affiliates tailor the investment mix to address each client's return objectives, liquidity and other constraints

Opportunistic Investments

We take advantage of market opportunities as they arise, believing that there are always new places to seek returns.

Customer Service

We are committed to providing our clients with superior customer service. Our entire team of professionals is available to all of our clients.

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